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Monday, March 10, 2014

Jeremy & Regina

Jeremy and Regina came over with their sweet family

Brian and Jeremy are reunited

Gracie posing as the older grandkids had fun taking pictures

Taylor had fun posing as well

Jeremy and James watching the kids play the flour game

We tried to get a picture of everyone so Briana set a timer and
ran to get in the picture.

Taylor is hoping she doesn't have to find the penny in the flour

James, Briana, John Karlee, Brittany, Wes Bonnie, Brian,
Brooke, Nich, Jeremy, Regina, Sam, Bridget

Regina and Jeremy

Everyone enjoyed sitting and talking with each other

Brian gave Jeremy a rasp knife that he made

Mayley, Maren, Bridger and Madi having from on the trampoline 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

4th Annual Reed Rodeo

On February 8, 2014 we had our annual Reed Rodeo

We started with the 3 legged race 

We also had a gunny sack race

Since we didn't have any gunny sacks
we used pillow cases

Some of the pillow cases were tight for the older kids

Some of the pillow cases were to big for the younger kids

The adults had a fun time

Nich had a tiny pillow case

Wes was a good hopper

Brittany was hiding from James so he wouldn't knock her over

Brooke almost made it 

Here are the younger kids running the 3 legged race 

Brogan and Weston were practicing working together

Everyone has fun in the wheelbarrow race

Briley was pushing Daisy and Jayla

The grown kids had fun pushing their wives

Going around the trees made it a bit more challenging 

We had a fun time watching everyone work hard

We had a fun day all being together.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Schnepf Farms

 In October Schnepf Farms has their Pumpkin and Chili Party
We took the grandkids across the street to enjoy the activities

The younger kids rode on the merry go round


Colton with his broken leg

Mayley had a lot of fun

Brogan had a big smile

The kids then went to the airplanes

It was fun to see how high they could fly

 Colton and Landon had fun in the bumble bee ride

Mayley and Brogan enjoyed the ride also

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