Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bear Family Reunion

Our theme this year was the Title of Liberty
In our fireside we had the righteous fathers and the
stripling warriors

Wes was Captain Moroni

little stripling warrior

stripling warriors entering the scene

captain Moroni and the righteous fathers

Helaman (James) with his wife and baby Jayla

Brian helping Mayley take a nap
or is it the other way around

Chisolm is pretty tired and Bridget is enjoying holding a little girl

Weston and Devin eating

Jared is having fun running barefoot at the bear reunion



Sam and Brogan

enjoying the fireside

Bridget playing the guitar

Grandma with her 2 new granddaughters
Madison and Jayla

Brittany and Colton

Briana cutting up tomatoes for dinner

James is trying to help Briana with dinner

Ghost Town

On our way back to Arizona we stopped at an old
Ghost Town in New Mexico called Cuervo.
It was right on I-40 and we enjoyed the break and
exploring around.

This was a two room school house

It was actually pretty cool

The old schoolhouse had wooden floors

There was an old cook stove that someone left

We made sandwiches and enjoyed resting in the shade

Weston enjoyed the break to get out of his car seat

Brian, Jared and Brooke had fun exploring.

It looked like they still are using this church

This is a cute house