Wednesday, August 17, 2011

John is engaged to Karlee Mcghan

On July 15, 2011 John surprised Karlee by proposing to her at Petes fish and chips.

John met Karlee when she was working there

It was only fitting that he ask her at Pete's since that is his favorite place to eat.

The ladies working at Petes were in on the surprise and called Karlee to the window for her order and gave her a box with a ring in it instead of french fries.

Justin Kelley was there to take pictures

Jenna Allen was awesome and helped John get Karlee to Petes and filmed the whole thing
We are excited to have Karlee join our family. All the grandkids love her especially Mayley and Lacey, I think because she paints their fingernails. We were seating around the table eating and teasing I asked Karlee why all the grandkids loved her. Bridger piped up and said "because she's beautiful" After Bridger said that he immediately turned red. It was so cute.