Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 31, 2011

Since this year it was the kids year away from Queen Creek so Brian and I decided to
to play Santa Claus and surprise all the kids and grandkids.
No one knew we were coming.

We first stopped at Brittany's house in Thatcher
Dayton and Mayley were surprised to see us.

Colton had made a Christmas ornament in school
that he gave to us.

Brian with Brittany and her family. 
We didn't have time to see Wes as he was at work.
We stopped at James and Larissa's but I forgot to take a picture:(

We headed to El Paso next and Briana and Daisy were real surprised .
It was so fun.

I got to practice with Briana, Caleb and Carson who
were preparing a song for church.

We woke up to snow in El Paso the next day which was
so beautiful and made it seem like Christmas.

Everyone had fun throwing snowballs and playing 
in the snow.

We then headed to Amarillo and wanted to surprise Brooke at the Big Texan 
since she was playing that night. We got to the Big Texan and told the waitresses 
our plan so they gave us a table that we could watch Brooke fiddle. We had a waiter tell 
Brooke that her dad was here and he wants to have her play him a song. (There was
a man that came in and said that he was her dad so she would play for him)
Brooke came up to the table and looked at Brian and just stood there not registering that 
it was Brian. I came up to get a picture and then she knew it really was her dad and
then she started to cry. It was a really big surprise to her. 

She then played us a few songs and then we
ate a great steak .

We spent the night and the next morning
Christmas Eve headed for home.

Maddy is growing up and has the most gorgeous hair.

Weston is getting so big.
We hated to leave but wanted to be home for Christmas Day.

Brogan is growing up

Chisolm got a new bike

Tillison got a bike

Bridger also got a new bike and the 3 boys rode most of the day.

We had a fun Christmas and were able to see all the kids except Jared.
  Everyone was able to talk to Jared up in Oregon on his mission. 
Talking with Jared really topped off our Christmas