Thursday, March 26, 2009

Campout in Gila Valley

Over Spring break Brian and Jared met James
out of Pima and had a Father and Sons campout

We love the Gila Valley
Brittany came out to the corrals on Thursday with her kids to enjoy the fun

Stetson enjoying the spring grass

Jared was excited to ride the 3 wheeler too


Dayton and Colton wanted to ride with Jared

Brittany, Mayley and Briley on Stetson
I guess the girls like the 1 horsepowered vehicle
and the boys like more horsepower
Briley and Brittany are so much alike

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Devin and Mayley enjoying rocking on the porch
Grandkids in James and Larissa's truck

Brooke came for a week visit and she was exhausted
Colton was tired too and fell asleep on the bathroom floor

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being with each other
Melissa Demuth's last Sunday here before moving to Kansas

Briana and Brittany holding Weston while Brooke is sleeping

Colton enjoying home made ice cream which is always better straight from the can

Jared and the grandkids playing games

Brian telling stories

Big Texan

Bridget enjoying fiddle music
Brittany playing with the band

We wanted to eat at the Big Texan while we were in Texas

Brooke, Brittany and Bridget
In front of the Big Texan

Brooke posing with the band members that she would play with at the Big Texan
only 3 days after having Weston

We had to try out the shooting gallery

Monday, March 9, 2009

Briana's baby shower

Briana had a baby shower and received so many girly things
Ribbons, lace and cute socks

Ben's grandma Richardson made this cute quilt

Larissa, Briley and Bridget

Brittany and Mayley
Briana showing off her cute outfit and Allie being the scribe