Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Day

We went shooting on New Year Day. Brian is showing Jared how his semiauto works Jared shooting Brians gun

Jared and Nich shooting the rifles

Christmas 2008

Christmas day we all went to Briana and Ben's house since they have a bigger room than we have and we pretty much filled it up too.

Trying to get the grandkids to sit still
Brooke showing off her tummy and James being silly

Brian sharing feelings about Christmas

We have a tradition to eat deviled eggs Christmas morning. Jared and James don't like them. Since Jared wouldn't eat his we wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree for him. He wasn't to excited about that gift but Brooke and I thought it was funny.

Chrismas benches

For Christmas this year we wanted to give the kids something that would last awhile and that would help them remember this Christmas. Brian and I decided to build each of the families a bench from all the antiques that we have around our place. With the help of Brooke, Nich, and Jared we were able to finish all of them Christmas Eve.

Briana and Ben sitting on their bench
Bridget, Chisolm, Tillison and Sam

James and Larissa

Picture of one of the benches. One bench has 26 used horseshoes, 2 hames, and a singletree. Brian and Nich built all the wheels using used horseshoes as the spokes. All the lumber we had around here that Jared cut, sanded and finished. We had a great time building them and Brooke and Nich didn't know they were building their own Christmas present.