Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What caught on fire?

The big cottonwood tree!! It was the most beautiful tree when we first moved into that house. We put a big rope swing in the tree and would swing over the sump. (the pond that would hold all the left over irrigation water) Then they dried up the sump and the pour tree got so thirsty and soon feel over. About two weeks ago I was down in QC for my dad's birthday and I just left Briana's house and was heading down Rittenhouse when I smelt smoke. When I turned onto Cloud I saw smoke coming from mom and dad's house. Which isn't uncommon, we have bon fires there all the time so I assumed we were doing that for dinner to celebrate dad's birthday. When I was about to turn into the drive way I saw the fire trucks. That pour tree caught on fire and it was huge. It was a couple of days before the tree quit smoking. There is always something exciting going on at the Reed house.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Field is Green...

Chea Lamb took such wonderful pictures of our family before Caleb and Carson got baptized. She does a wonderful job. To see more of the pictures, click here.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Guess what we found at Grandma and Grandpa's house? You guessed it! Rattlesnakes! Yikes!
These are the biggest rattlesnakes that any of us have ever seen! They were huge!
James...the pitchfork man. :) See the story below.
At the time we only thought that there was one, but there were two down there hiding under the sticks by the creek.
Between Conference Sessions on Sunday, all the kids were out playing. When I called them into eat Devin was running as fast as he could, crying and calling my name. I ran out to see him and he said that there was a rattlesnake. I didn't think that he knew what a rattlesnake was. He kept saying that it was moving and then he would put his hand up in the air and move it back and forth. It looked like the motion that the rattles would make. He kept talking about it and he was really scared. So Ben walked down there and Jared met him with a gun. Ben said a prayer that if there really was a snake that they would find it. Soon after that, Jared yelled out that he found it. It was near the creek where the water from the sump drains into the creek. It is all dried up right now. But he saw the snake down in the little gorge under some old mesquite tree that fell down. He started shooting at it. Ben ran in and told us that Jared found it and we went out to see. I told all the kids to stay, but I took Devin with me so we could put some closure on the rattlesnake for him. James took the pitchfork and got the snakes out from under the sticks and there were two! We were all surprised. They were gigantic! The rattles were huge! We are so blessed that Devin was safe. I truly believe that someone was watching out for him.
For more pictures, see Briana's blog.

Reed Family Breakfast

On March 29, we had an extended family breakfast with all of the Reed's. It was alot of fun to see all of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles. And the food was great! Before everyone left we got a picture of all of Ma and Pa's children.
Brian, Rod, Bill, Brett, Beverly, Lynette, Darlene and Sharon
They were goofing around before Aunt Sharon arrived. Silly!