Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help with daily chores

Tillison went gopher hunting with me everyday. He is showing off his catch.

Brian is giving Tillison and Weston a ride in the wheelbarrow
Brian milking the cow. His daily ritual.

Brooke wanted to help Brian milk.

There is even milk in the bucket

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Welcome from Texas!

My Mom, Dad, Jared, Brittany, Wes and their family came to visit me and Nich!
This is my Dad, Colton and Weston!

My Dad, Colton and Weston again!


Dayton took this picture... Me and GUS! He is one dirty dog!

Here is Dayton, Mayley, Briley, Colton and my dogs- Gus and Sally

Brittany's kids getting ready to head back to Arizona!

We all went to Cadillac Ranch and had a blast! Here is Me, Nich and Weston next to the car that we spray painted!

Here is my Mom trying to help Jared get down from a car.

My Mom, Dad and Weston


Wes and Brittany next to their car

Here is Jared painting his car. I didn't want to show the finished product... some girls might get jealous...