Monday, September 24, 2007

Jared's Grave

How in the world did Jared get in this hole! Or where did the hole come from? We may never know! The hole was covered up by lots of weeds and Jared didn't know what hit him, or should I say what he fell in! Watch the video below to see him push it out. He is lucky that he didn't die or get any broken bones.
Doesn't it really look like it was dug for a grave? Scary!!! Just for your information, Jared crawled back in the hole to pose for the picture. I hope it's not to distrubing, we're Reeds, what do you expect?

Jared's Grave - The Movie

This is how Jared rides his new 3-wheeler. He has been lifting weights this past year and has gotten really strong. You can see how he can push that 3-wheeler right out of the hole. Make sure to turn off the music below at the end of the page before watching. James likes watching it to hear his truck.

Frye Mesa

James came up to visit Wes and Brittany in Thatcher and we took him to Frye Mesa. This is where the snow melts from Mount Graham and flows into this big box canyon. Wes and James climed up this big cliff and found a bueatiful waterfall. It was very cold water.
This is Wes cliff jumping. Looks pretty scary to me.
This is James jumping off the cliff. In this picture you can tell how high the cliff was that they jumped off.
Here is Dayton, Briley, and Colton watching Daddy and James jumping off the cliff. We had a great time with Uncle James

James and Larissa's Wedding

James and Larissa got married on August 10, 2007. Larissa looked so beautiful! We are glad to have her in our family!

Performing in Snowflake

John is trying to play a small violin to keep up with the grandkids
This is when we are locking horns playing Boil the Cabbage. It doesn't sound good but it is fun to do.

This is when we Performed in Snowflake this year at the park. We enjoy performing here every year has a family and getting out of the heat.

John's Graduation

John graduated from Queen Creek High School in May. Almost everyone in the whole family was there. Ben and the twins went to another graduation that night. Apparently many high schools all scheduled the same night for graduation.
Everyone was excited and had a great time.
All the brothers and sisters were there: Jared, Brittany, Briana, John, Brooke, Bridget and James.
What proud parents!

Nich and Brooke's Wedding

Brooke and Nich got married January 5, 2007. It was a beautiful day! And Brooke made a gorgeous bride. We're glad Nich is a part of our family!