Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Landon Reed Miner

Friday, October 15, 2010 Brittany gave birth to a beautiful baby boy
Landon Reed Miner

He was born at 4:06 pm

He weighed 7' 10"

Jared holding his new nephew

A new brother with his happy family

The first family picture with Landon

John's return home

We were so happy to finally go get John at the airport since Mexico wouldn't let 60 of the missionaries leave Mexico. Tuesday the 10th of August we were all excited to go to the airport and get John.

We filled up the elevator

everyone held hands as we certainly didn't want to lose anyone

Colton, Ashton, & Devin

Briley, Caleb, Calvin & Carson

Trying to entertain Mayley and Weston while we are waiting

We are trying to get the first peek of John

We are so excited

What a handsome missionary

What a long awaited, great hug

John and Brian

Father and Son

Talking with Dayton

Shaking hands with Devin

Lacey and John seeing each other for the first time

John seeing Weston for the first time

John and Justin reuniting after 2 years

Giving Preston Solomon and hug and greeting in Spanish

A picture of the whole crew