Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Dog power

Our dog Pepper and James dog Dally love to chase things.
So James and Nich tied the dogs lead ropes up to the
kids tractor. They then threw a ball so the dogs would fetch it and pull
Weston in the tractor.

Nich ready to grab Weston so he doesn't fall out

Dally is ready to get the ball

This tractor is 2 dog power

Pepper watching James and waiting for him to throw the ball

James and Nich had a blast but I think that Weston got the best end of the deal

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few cute family pictures

Lacey giving a big love to Jayla

Jared relaxing after playing tag

These are the grandkids born within this past year
Jayla, Madison, Landon and Brogan

Jared had to catch Brooke when she jumps on him

Wes and Landon resting after a busy Thanksgiving

Horse Tag

We had a fun Thanksgiving.
All the kids love to play tag on the horses

Brooke is coming after Bridget

Larisaa is riding hard

watch out Jared the girls are after you

Jared is trying to get Brooke back

I think Jared is going to get caught

Larissa is after James
I guess all is fair in love and tag

It was fun to watch James, John and Jared go after each other

They are awesome riders

I think John better watch out

Brittany is trying to get Brian

Even the grandkids played and gratefully no one got hurt

Briley loves to ride Stetson

Ashton on Chloe