Saturday, November 10, 2012

2nd Annual Gila Valley Stampede

Last weekend, our James and Larissa put on the 2nd Annual Gila Valley Stampede in Pima, AZ.  It was SUPER fun!  
Here are some highlights!

 Brooke's daughter running (real fast) to catch some baby chicks!  

Brittany's son is on crutches, Bridget's son has the grey hat on, and Brooke's daughter running (real fast).

Time to let the big chickens go!

Waiting to catch the Big Chickens.

Briana's kids caught some big chickens and one even caught a greased pig!  While they where trying to catch the pig, Brooke got handed a chicken to hold.  That chicken was MEAN!  It kept pecking her!!!
Jared and Brooke's Boy
Uncle John!!!
Here is James with the Money Goat.  He is the one who put on the Gila Valley Stampede!  We loved every moment of it!!!!  
If any of you are in the Gila Valley next year, you definitely need to go!!!