Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lehi Days Rodeo

I know that these are way overdue, but I was just going through my pictures and found a few of the Lehi Day's Rodeo.  I wish I had more to post, but my camera ran out of batteries after just a few pictures.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reed Rodeo

This Easter weekend we held our 1st Reed Rodeo.

We had several events like dummy roping, wheelbarrow and 3-legged races,

water balloon and egg toss, rawhide race a chicken chase,

stick horse and barrel racing and an easter egg hunt.

We had a grand time and everyone won an award.

Carson, Briley, Caleb and Devin are all ready for the events

and checking the schedule.

Lacey is warming up her horse.

Don't ya just love her wrangler!

Ashton was worried that he wouldn't be able to compete in
any of the events since he broke his arm the week before.

He did great though and caught the steerhead on his first throw.

John did a great job helping the kids and Dayton and Tillison are waiting

for their turn to come.

One of the funnest events was the wheelbarrow race.
We started out with the older kids running with the younger kids in the wheelbarrows.

They did awesome and we didn't have to many wrecks

Calvin is taking Lacey for a ride

After the kids all had their turn the moms got to be competitive

Then the husbands got to push their wives. I was a little nervous with James in

our heat. He would come after you as soon as the race started to try and tip you over.

For the younger kids 3 legged race we tied them together at the waist.

It proved rather comical and they were creative in accomplishing the race.

The older kids got their legs tied together

We also had a gunny sack race or I should say pillow sack race.

Some did good hopping where the little kids were able to just run

inside the pillow case.

We also got some baby chickens for the kids to catch.

Chisolm is so happy.

Amazingly none of the chicks got smashed as the kids went after them

We also didn't lose any chicks from getting handled either

Brogan was happy someone handed him a chick

We had a rawhide race where they tied a goat hide to a rope and they

pulled it behide a horse. Chisolm got the hide and pulled it behide

his trusty stick horse.

Chisolm got a chance to be the rider on the hide

Brogan and Tessa loved their ride

Chisolm gave Jayla a practice ride behind his stick horse

before she got behind a live horse. James was a proud daddy.

Chislom is showing off his wood knife.

Tillison and Brogan watching the competition

Tillison riding on Chloe

Brogan's horse is worn out.

Brogan decided to join his horse in a nap after a fun day.