Monday, December 20, 2010

Madison and Lacey

When the Kenny's came to visit, Brooke and I took a few pictures. Here is one of the girls.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bear Family Reunion

Our theme this year was the Title of Liberty
In our fireside we had the righteous fathers and the
stripling warriors

Wes was Captain Moroni

little stripling warrior

stripling warriors entering the scene

captain Moroni and the righteous fathers

Helaman (James) with his wife and baby Jayla

Brian helping Mayley take a nap
or is it the other way around

Chisolm is pretty tired and Bridget is enjoying holding a little girl

Weston and Devin eating

Jared is having fun running barefoot at the bear reunion



Sam and Brogan

enjoying the fireside

Bridget playing the guitar

Grandma with her 2 new granddaughters
Madison and Jayla

Brittany and Colton

Briana cutting up tomatoes for dinner

James is trying to help Briana with dinner

Ghost Town

On our way back to Arizona we stopped at an old
Ghost Town in New Mexico called Cuervo.
It was right on I-40 and we enjoyed the break and
exploring around.

This was a two room school house

It was actually pretty cool

The old schoolhouse had wooden floors

There was an old cook stove that someone left

We made sandwiches and enjoyed resting in the shade

Weston enjoyed the break to get out of his car seat

Brian, Jared and Brooke had fun exploring.

It looked like they still are using this church

This is a cute house

Friday, August 20, 2010

Amarillo Arboretum

Amarillo has a really neat Arboretum
Weston loved looking at all the plants

Jared looking at the banana tree
I didn't know they could grow bananas in Texas

Weston and Madison enjoyed the ride

Brian, Jared an Weston relaxing

They liked looking at the waterfall

Texas Trip

Texas has some pretty unique cities
Combine City south of Amarillo only allows
combines to reside within its limits

They even have it fenced all the way around
so no people are allowed in the city limits
The combines are buried so only half of them can be seen

We were amazed how many are there

There are all different makes, models and years

Weston had fun playing in the grass

I wish we had grass this tall

Texas also has unique art work
These are a pair of big legs in the middle of a big pasture

I guess everything is bigger in Texas

Madison's blessing

We went to Texas the 10th of July to be there
for Madison's blessing on the 11th.
Bro. Parker, Nich, Madison and Brian

Brooke, Nich, Madison, Brian, Weston, Bonnie and Jared

We all enjoyed being in Amarillo on this special day

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jayla Reed has arrived

Jayla Reed arrived at 8:30 am on the 28th of June

She has lots of dark hair and the nurses put a cute bow in the hair
right after she was born
She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and the 20.5 inches long

James and Larissa did a great job and here is their
first family picture together

We told Jared that he if he wants to kiss pretty girls it is okay to kiss his nieces

She is such a pretty little girl

We are so excited to have another grandaughter

James is such a proud daddy and just loves that baby

Jared loves the babies and is a good uncle

Brian is a proud grandpa